So how can you support us in our goal of sharing information for everyone’s benefit? Well there are a many ways:

  • Buy Your Books Using Our Links – Probably the easiest way you can support us is to use our links on our Bookshop to buy your books. You still get your book at the price you would have paid had you gone to the supplier direct, and we get paid a small referral fee so it’s a win win situation (and there aren’t many of those in life).
  • Financial Donations – Sure the most obvious. Cliff’s goal is to be able to run FAQShop as his day job but at the moment it’s a labour of love run in his spare time. Unfortunately labours of love don’t pay the bills, that’s where cold hard cash comes in. We’re not asking for huge amounts (although large donations are always welcomed), any amount whatever the size when combined together with other donations will make a REAL difference to the site. Everyone making a donation will also be asked if they wish to be optionally listed in the Roll of Honour that will be added to this page. There are two ways you can make a financial donation – either through PayPal by using the “Donate” button under the “Help Support Us” section of the sidebar or by clicking the
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  • Content Donations – We’re not all millionaires (unfortunately), and not everyone can afford or feels compelled to make a financial contribution – that’s fine we ‘get’ that.  If you’d like to share a hint, tip, utility or even publish an article or  host your own blog here to get the recognition YOU deserve then please get in touch and we’d only be too happy to have you onboard.

The Bottom Line – If you want FAQShop to remain free and to survive and prosper then unfortunately that’s going to cost. And remember the more donations we receive the more time Cliff can dedicate to the site meaning more content which ultimately saves you time and stress and helps your company’s bottom line.