So what is the purpose of this site? Well when Cliff first started working with Systems Management Server version 2.0 back in 1998 he found resources relating to the product very hard to come by. Probably the best resource at the time was the now defunct SMS section of run by Rod Trent which included an email discussion list where people could post questions and get answers from their peers.

After subscribing to this list for a time Cliff noticed that someone would post a question and get an answer. Then after a periods of days/ weeks/ months somebody else would ask the same question. Cliff approached Rod about capturing and publishing the content from the email discussion list and hence the SMS FAQ sub-section was born.

Sadly with the demise of SWYNK in 1999 Rod moved on and founded Cliff continued to work on the SMS FAQ before deciding in 2003 to “go it alone” and hence FAQShop was born.

Cliff’s goal for FAQShop is simple – to help ease the inherent struggle of Systems Management aiming to provide a “one-stop-shop” for Systems Management questions, answers, and utilities by housing everything under one roof.

This site is Cliff’s way of giving something back to a community that has helped him on countless occasions and through which he’s made some amazing friends. The content itself is and will continue to be composed of information from various sources including personal experience, blogs, user group meetings, and perhaps most importantly YOU (see the page How You Can Help page if you’re interested in helping out).

Wherever possible a list of contributors/ sources is included for each article. Where this list is not included it should not be assumed that the author is trying to claim credit for somebody else’s work.

If you have any questions about the site or problems using it then please use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.