When I’m building a machine that is using a Site that has multiple DPs how do I know which DP the machine is using whilst it’s building?


Open the “BDD.log” and do a search for “distribution share” which should display a line similar to:

SMS distribution Share = <fqdn_of_dp>

for example:

SMS distribution Share = CM072NDARY.FAQShop.COM

Other useful lines in this part of the log (just above) are:

  • Checking network adapter: [00000000] Intel(R) 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection
  • MAC address = <MAC_address>
  • IP Address = <IPv4_address_of_client>
  • IP Address = <IPv6_address_of_client>
  • Default Gateway = <def_gway_for_client>
  • Property IPAddress001 is now = <IPv4_address_of_client>
  • Property IPAddress002 is now = <IPv6_address_of_client>
  • Property MacAddress001 is now = <MAC_address>
  • Property DefaultGateway001 is now = <def_gway_for_client>