This is a pretty common question so here’s a list of the new features in Configuration Manager 2007 R2:

  • Application Virtualization Manager – ConfigMgr can run sequences applications that have been created using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V).
  • Forefront Client Security Integration
  • SQL Reporting Services – You can now create and run your reports using SQL SRS.
  • Client Status Reporting – A collection of Reports and Tools that allow you to see how healthy your ConfigMgr Clients are and identify those that require attention (also known as “Client Health”).
  • Unknown Computer Support in OSD – You no longer need to add computers to the ConfigMgr Site Database before deploying to them.
  • Multicast Deployments in OSD – Prior to R2 all deployments were unicast (i.e. the image had to traverse the wire for every machine being deployed whereas with multicast the image is deployed once and machines “tune in” (like a radio broadcast) to the deployment stream.
  • OSD Task Sequence Command lines can be run with credentials other than those doe the local system account.

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