I was commissioned back in 2007/ 2008 to write some SMS/ ConfigMgr-related articles for Server Management Magazine, a free UK-based magazine which also had a website. Sadly, the magazine became a casualty of the recession and I’ve been planning on publishing the articles online for some time. So listed below are links to the articles I wrote which I hope are of some use you to (if nothing else it’s somewhere for me to keep copies for sentimental reasons).

I’ve seem copies of the articles literally copied and pasted onto other websites without any mention of my name so to prove ownership of the article (yes I’ve been asked), as well as the text each article contains images of the actual articles as they appeared in the magazine.

  • Talking Points – October 2007
  • Talking Points

    Site Servers are busy machines so how can your advanced clients get a word in? The answer is to provide them with an assistant.

    Many of the tasks faced by the Systems Management Server (SMS) Administrator are reasonably straightforward because they solve specific problems.  One thing that can cause rather more confusion is management points, a concept introduced in SMS 2003.  Because of the complexity of management points, this article is split into two parts.  This part runs through basics and discusses design issues.  In Part II we look at installation, administration and troubleshooting.

    I’m assuming you understand SMS basic terminology such as site, site server, advanced client, etc.  If you’re unsure about any of these terms, check the product documentation or visit FAQShop (where you can also post questions). [More…]


  • Point to point – November 2007
  • Point to point

    Now we’ve established why we need them, getting management points up and running is just a case of following the instructions.

    Last month we looked at the basics of management points in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 and issues relating to Design.  In Part II, this month we move on to look at installation, configuration and troubleshooting. [More…]


  • Second site saver – October 2008
  • Second site saver

    System Center Configuration Manager 2007 is a multitalented animal for distributing software, and with the branch distribution point option you may not need a secondary site server in branch offices. [More…]