On my Site Server if I look in the “<drive>:\Program Files (x86)\<install_directory>\AdminUI\AdminUILog” directory it contains over 3 MILLION files (3,007,851 to be exact) taking up over 19 GB of disk space.

What I’m confused about is what are all these log files that are named like Package hashes?

I’ve looked at a few at random and most of them just contain the single line:

Updating UI on timer

others contain lines like:

Help topic not found in ‘HelpTopicLinks.xml’ for topic ID: ‘7b06d39c-1f30-4fee-ab34-8516219f05f2’

I only stumbled across this by accident as I was troubleshooting a Task Sequence Media issue and dropped into here to look in the CreateTSMedia.log.


The reason you are seeing all of these files is because Verbose Logging has been enabled for the ConfigMgr Administrator Console. Details on how to disable this can be found in the “How do I disable verbose logging for the ConfigMgr Administrator Console” FAQ.

It would be worth periodically checking this directory on your Site Servers to make sure verbose logging hasn’t been enabled and forgotten about.