One of my applications defined in my MDT Database refuses to install when the Task Sequence runs. I’ve checked the Package ID and Program are set correctly in the MDT database and match those in ConfigMgr.

However, when I build a machine the application doesn’t install. If I look in the “C:\WINDOWS\System32\CCM\Logs\BDD.log” I can see the relevant line for the Package in the form “Property PACKAGESxxx is now = <package><program>”. I also see the correct entry appearing in the “smsts.log”.

However, when I look in “execmgr.log” I don’t see the Policy arriving for the application despite the Policies arriving for applications either side of the problem app.


The most probably cause is that the Program isn’t enabled to be installed from your Task Sequence. To check:

  1. Right-click the Program in the ConfigMgr Admin Console and select “Properties”.
  2. Click the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Verify that the “Allows this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised” checkbox is checked as if it isn’t you’ll experience the behaviour you are seeing.

The other thing to check is that the Program name in the MDT database matches the Program name in ConfigMgr EXACTLY including the case.

In this example the Program name in ConfigMgr was defined as “Install” whereas in MDT it was defined as “INSTALL”.

Looking in “BDD.log” it showed the line:

Property PACKAGES031 is now = FAQ00291:INSTALL

However, there was no trace of the Client receiving the Policy and running the Package in “execmgr.log

Changing the Program name in the MDT database to match the Program name in ConfigMgr and rebuilding the machine resulted in the Client receiving the Policy and installing the Package.

TIP: When entering Program names in MDT I always right-click on the Program and select “Properties”. Then I copy and paste the Program name from ConfigMgr into the MDT database to avoid issues with typos, case, etc.