I am trying to create Stand-alone media for one of my Task Sequences. I right-click in the Task Sequence and select “Create Task Sequence Media“. I then run through the “Task Sequence Media Wizard” selecting “Stand-alone media” from the “Select Media Type” screen. I then run through the rest of wizard selecting the appropriate options.

However, it’s failing and displaying the “Wizard Not Complete” screen which states:

The Task Sequence Media Wizard completed with errors. For more information about the tasks that were not completed, see Details.
Error: Task sequence media information
• Media type: CD/DVD set
• Media size: 4.7GB
• Output path: C:\<path>\.iso
• Protect media wth password: No
• Task Sequence: <name>
• Distribution point(s): <DP_server_name>

• Error creating media. Error message is: The hash value is not correct.. Please refer to CreateTsMedia.log to get details.


Look in the CreateTsMedia.log which by default is kept in:

<configMgr_installation_drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager Console\AdminUI\AdminUILog

which will contain lines like:

Staging package <package_ID>
Before executing state - fsVolumeSpaceRemaining= 3882 Mb
Staging package <package_ID>
Hash could not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = E71E24809F123162304AF74367BED8D631A60F0D, Downloaded ContentHash = E5127A62342797A7A7C864846600E9102FC5766B
Failed to stage package <package_ID> (0x80091007)
Failed to create media (0x80091007)
CreateTsMedia failed with error 0x80091007, details="<package_ID>"

First try refreshing the relevant package on the problem DP then try running the wizard again. If this doesn’t work try deleting the PCK file from the DP and then refreshing the Package again (deleting the PCK forces ConfigMgr to resend it – of course bear the size of the Package and your WAN link in mind before doing this).

If all else fails try updating your DPs which should fix it.