I’m trying to build a Windows XP machine under ConfigMgr 2007. I boot off my boot USB stick and it runs the Task Sequence Wizard. I choose the Task Sequence I want to run but almost immediately I get the following error screen:

Failed to Run Task Sequence
An error occurred while starting the task sequence (0x80070032). For more information, please contact
your system administrator or helpdesk operator.


The issue in this case was that the Task Sequence was unable to stage WinPE on the machine as the C: drive had an unsupported file system (in this case the machine had previously been built and the C: drive encrypted using SafeBoot making it “unsupported” and therefore unavailable to WinPE).

To resolve this:

1. Navigate to the X:\WINDOWS\TEMP\SMSTSLog directory.
2. Copy smsts.log to the USB key.
3. Open smsts.log in SMS Trace on another machine.
4. Scroll to the end of the file where you’ll see lines similar to the following:

The active system partition on a MBR system must be NTFS
Failed to prepare the system partition for staging. The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows)
Failed to stage WinPE. Code(0x80070032)
ThreadToResolveAndExecuteTaskSequence failed. Code(0x80070032)

5. If you now do a search up the file for “C:\” it will then show the following line:

Volume C:\ has unsupported file system

6. Press F8 on the machine that failed to build to open a Command Prompt.
7. Type diskpart
8. Type select disk 0
9. Type clean
10. Type exit to close the Command Prompt
11. Click Finish on the Task Sequence Wizard screen to reboot the machine and build it as normal.