I tried to build a machine. I selected the Task Sequence to run but it failed part way through so I rebooted the machine. However, now after I click “Next >” on the “Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard” screen the next screen comes up stating:

Failed to Run Task Sequence

There are no task sequences available for this computer.

Press Finish to reboot the computer.

The only option I’ve got is to click “Finish” which reboots the machine and I go round in circles again.


If you look in the “X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLog\smsts.log” you’ll see the following line:

No assigned task sequence.

As the machine is already known to ConfigMgr and in the Site Database, when you come to re-run the Task Sequence (which is only advertised to unknown computers), there is no Task Sequence for it to run and hence the error is generated.

To resolve this update the Collection membership of the OS Collection that is relevant to the machine (right-click the Collection and select “Update Collection Membership“).

Then search the Collection for the machine and when you find it right-click the machine in question and select “Delete” from the context menu.

Click “Delete” on the “Confirm Deletion” screen to confirm you want to delete the machine from the ConfigMgr database.

Reboot the machine you are trying to build and the list of available Task Sequences for the machine will once again be displayed.