One of my Packages is not installing via my Task Sequence. If I look in “execmgr.log” I see the following line:

TS Step required to run in user context, targeted to user or requiring user input. Rejecting.


If you look at the line above the one you’ve posted it will show you the Program Name and Package ID for example:

Creating mandatory request for advert SMS10000, program <program_name>, package <package_ID>

1. Right-click on the Program in the ConfigMgr Console and select “Properties“.

2. Click the “Environment” tab where you’ll probably find the “Run mode” is set to “Run with user rights” rather than “Run with administrative rights“. Also make sure you change “Program can run:” from “Only when a user is logged on” to “Whether or not a user is logged on“.

3. Click “OK” to save the changes.