ConfigMgr 2012 – KB Article 2841764 Released

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Microsoft has just released the following KB Article which contains a Hotfix which you should only apply if you are seeing the issue described (you’ll also need CU1 applied before you start) :

FIX: Site assignments do not work in a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager site environment


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager site environment.
  • You import a third-party root certification authority (CA) certificate by using the Configuration Manager console.
  • There is an ampersand (&) or other nonalphanumeric character in the CertificateIssuers string.

In this scenario, site assignments may not work.
Note If you remove the nonalphanumeric character from the CertificateIssuers string, site assignments work as expected.
When this problem occurs, an entry that resembles one of the following is logged in the the LocationServices.log file:

  • Example 1
    LSGetSiteVersionFromAD : Attempting to query AD for MPs for site ‘ABC’ Performing AD query: ‘(&(ObjectCategory=mSSMSManagementPoint)(mSSMSSiteCode=ABC))’ parentElement, HRESULT=80004005 LSGetCapabilitiesAndADMembershipFromCliOpSettings(sCliOpSetting, sCapabilities, sNull, sNull), HRESULT=80004005 LSGetSiteVersionFromAD : Failed to retrieve version for the site ‘ABC’ (0x80004005) LSIsSiteCompatible : Failed to get Site Version from all directories sSMSAssignedSite.length(), HRESULT=80004005
  • Example 2
    Refreshing security settings over AD ClientOperationalSettings search filter is ‘(&(ObjectCategory=mSSMSManagementPoint)(mSSMSDefaultMP=TRUE)(mSSMSSiteCode=ABC))’ true == doc.LoadFromString(sOperationalXML), HRESULT=87d00217 Failed to refresh security settings over AD with error 0x87d00217.

Additionally, when you click Find Site in the Configuration Manager Console, an entry that resembles the following is logged in the MP_Location.log file:

  • Example 1
    MP_GetSiteInfo (CCB) MP_LocationManager datetime 9128 (0x23A8) CHandleLocationRequest::CreateReply failed with error (8000ffff). MP_LocationManager datetime 9128 (0x23A8) MP LM: Message discarded MP_LocationManager datetime 9128 (0x23A8)



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