I’ve got a Tablet PC that MDT/ ConfigMgr detects as a Laptop. How do I get MDT/ ConfigMgr to detect the machine as a tablet?


First look at this blog post by The Deployment Guys:

Do a search of the post for “Edit CustomSettings.ini”. This will take you to the section that explains how to add to the “[IsTabletCheck]” section to your customsettings.ini

In this case I had a Lenovo XP220 Tablet that MDT 2010/ ConfigMgr was detecting as a Laptop. Using the information in the blog post we performed the following:

1. Loaded Device Manager on a XP built machine.
2. Navigated to the “Human Interface Devices” section.
3. Right-clicked on “ThinkPad Tablet Keyboard and Buttons” and selected “Properties”.
4. Clicked the “Details” tab.
5. With “Device Instance Id” selected in the dropdown (the default) the bottom window showed “ACPI\LEN0070\4&188A3847&0”. This converts to a Device ID of “ACPI\LEN0070”.
6. Edited CustomSettings.ini (the version in “\\<server_name>\<drive>\Deployment\Windows XP Settings” which may differ in your environment).
7. Added “ACPI\LEN0070” to the “TabletPnpIds” to the “[IsTabletCheck]” section so it reads as follows:


8. Rebuilt the machine and now it detects correctly.