I’ve added a new machine model to my MDT database. The machine has built successfully but it hasn’t run any of the machine specific Programs I defined for it (if I look in execmgr.log there is no trace of the Programs)


Make sure when you add your Machine to the MDT database that the value you enter in the “Model:” field matches the value returned from when you run wmic csproduct getname from a Command Prompt.

If you can’t run wmic then look in the “ZTIGather.log” and do a search for “Product Model“.

In this case the Model had been defined as “Precision T7500“. However running wmic/ looking in ZTIGather.log shows the Model being reported as:

Precision WorkStation T7500

Amending the “Model:” field in MDT to “Precision WorkStation T7500” and rebuilding the machine resolved the issue.